Wind Energy Growth


Reasons Wind Energy Will Continue to Grow

Students who have thought about a career as an energy technician should give it some real consideration. The energy industry continues to become more and more efficient in its practices, which is leading to a greater need for wind-generated electricity. MIAT is responding accordingly, training wind technicians in the latest technology and maintenance principles.

Learn about a few reasons why wind energy isn’t going away anytime soon.


The highest cost usually associated with wind energy is building the farm itself. Constructing and maintaining turbines costs significantly less than most other electricity-generating plants, which decreases the burden on both the land owners and the turbine owners.

As this wind-energy technology advances costs continue to decrease. This increased efficiency contributes to wind energy growth and creates more jobs for wind turbine technicians

Environmental appeal

Building more wind farms helps the U.S. work to wean its way off fossil fuel dependency. Wind energy diminishes its use as well as reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental damage associated with burning these fuels.

Because clean energy is such a governmental focal point, wind technician careers will become more available as wind-generated electricity continues to grow.

Land owners can double-crop

Along with hosting a site for wind turbines, traditional farmers can continue to produce their commodities such as wheat, cattle or corn without much interruption.

Because turbine towers reach vertically and don’t take up a significant amount of ground space, only a small amount of land is needed and regular farm operations can continue to function around them.

Location availability

While some areas are more susceptible to regular gusts, most places experience enough wind to generate the electricity needed for an effective turbine.

Variable wind speeds will determine how often wind turbine technicians will have to alter the nacelle’s generators, but most areas can support successful wind farms without worry.

The wind energy field will continue to expand for years to come, so those who want to train for an energy technician career in wind power should contact MIAT today to find out more about the opportunities available! Call now for more information.

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