Career and Student Services

Financial Aid

Career training from MIAT may be more affordable than you think. Find out about funding options that may be available to you, including federal aid, scholarships and grants. Learn More.*

*Financial aid, scholarships and grants are available to those who qualify. Awards vary due to specific conditions, criteria, and state.

Additional Career Services

Everbridge Mass Notification System

In the case of an emergency or class cancellations due to weather or building problems, MIAT can send you an alert to your preferred method of contact. You will receive an email invitation to register to your student email during the first week of class.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

MIAT contains a technical library of over 700 books, 80 magazines/periodicals, and maintenance manuals. The Center serves as a tutoring area for any students who need extra assistance with a course topic or need to use a computer in order to complete an online job application. The LRC offers 20 self-paced course certificates in areas ranging from FAA safety to Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel.  Also, the Center has 30 self-paced language programs, industry specific DVDs, and practice industry tests such as MASS/POSS. It’s all free for enrolled and graduate students.


MIAT offers scholarships to qualifying high school seniors and also participates with many other organizations offering scholarship resources for those who qualify. Contact us for more information about scholarships.

Carpool/Ride Share

Decrease your commuting expenses by meeting other students who are driving from your area. MIAT assists with introducing students to each other who are seeking car pool options.


MIAT encourages students to seek assistance when life challenges occur that could affect the completion of training. The Career Service department assists with referrals to medical, dental, legal, and low income assistance sources. Additionally, educational and personal guidance is available from the experienced management team.

Student Feedback

MIAT strongly believes in an open-door policy and encourages students to seek answers or solutions to questions that arise regarding training, equipment, policies, or general school questions. Multiple feedback options are available for students to express concerns or seek answers.

Student E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy

MIAT issues all students an e-mail address ( upon enrollment (the “Student E-Mail Account”).  E-mail between MIAT and a Student E-Mail Account is an official means of communication with students.  A Student E-Mail Account is required for all students to ensure effective communication with MIAT instructors and staff.

Use of the Student E-Mail Account is governed by the Student E-Mail Acceptable Use Policy which can be found here.

Special Events

Seminars and workshops (e.g. tax preparation, investment guidelines etc.) are provided for continued education or life skill enhancement.

Career Days

Companies from the local area and across the U.S. are encouraged to visit at any time to share information about their organization and interview recent graduates and experienced alumni for open positions. This is also a great opportunity for a company to get current students interested in considering the organization when they start their career search. Companies can also bring equipment or electronic media to show the day of the visit.

Free Faxing

Students often have documents that need to be faxed to companies, agencies, or employers and MIAT provides this as a free service.

Tele-Counseling Services

MIAT has partnered with META Teletherapy to provide secure and confidential tele-counseling services for students who may be struggling with a variety of issues including PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, panic, gender and sexuality support, trauma, and substance abuse. Students are able to connect via video, voice, or text through an online platform and are able to choose their own counselor.

Notary Public

MIAT has full-time personnel that are state certified to provide notary services for students and alumni.

School Store

School supplies, MIAT apparel, and a variety of gifts are available for purchase from the school store which is open Monday-Friday.

Alumni Services

Now that you’re out in the work force, you can use the MIAT Alumni page as a resource to manage your academic records, maintain your contact information and keep in touch with other graduates and MIAT staff.