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Get the Skills to Launch a Rewarding Energy Career

energy technician
Energy students learn under the guidance of experienced professionals

Industrial Maintenance Technician Program

The Industrial Maintenance Technician Program at MIAT College of Technology was created in response to the energy industry asking for more qualified industrial technicians.* The Industrial Maintenance Technician Program is a quick way to acquire the hands-on skills you need.

The Industrial Maintenance Technician Program is a combination of classroom, hands-on assignments and outside work/homework. Our school’s curriculum covers power generation, power plant operations, compression technology and process systems.

*MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

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Industrial Maintenance Technology Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Industrial Maintenance Technician program, graduates will have entry-level career choices in a variety of the following areas:

  • Gas, Coal, Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Standby Power
  • Geothermal and Hydroelectric
  • Methane/Landfill Gas Generation
  • Power Distribution and Dispatch
  • Water Treatment
  • Equipment Repair and Installation
  • Testing and Inspecting
  • Assembly and Production

A sample of Industrial Maintenance Technology job titles include:

Power Plant Operator, Maintenance Worker/Repairer, Industrial Mechanic, Electrical/Electrician Repairer, Auxiliary Operator, Control Operator, Operations and Maintenance Technician, Field Service Technician, Boiler Operator, Gas Turbine Technician, Quality Control Technician, Millwright Apprentice, Testing Technician, Telecommunication Technician, Maintenance Apprentice, Generator Technician and Solar Installation Technician.

Get Backed by Over 50 Years of Success

MIAT Established 1969 - Building Technical Careers

Since 1969 MIAT School of Technology has helped thousands of individuals get the industry-relevant skills, experience and connections it takes to pursue technical careers. After more than 50 years in technical career education, MIAT has built an excellent reputation and strong working relationships with industry-leading employers.

MIAT programs are developed in direct response to feedback from industry leaders looking for qualified employees, and the school collaborates with these employers to tailor its programs to fit industry needs.

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