How long does it take to get a certificate in HVACR?

Programs for HVACR technicians typically range in length from six months to two years. MIAT College of Technology offers an HVACR Technician certificate program that can be completed in as few as nine months by full-time students, assuming no interruption in training. The HVACR program from MIAT College of Technology is designed to cover the skills needed to begin a career in air conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration.*

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate in HVACR?

The length of HVACR programs usually vary in time depending on the topics covered and whether the school also requires additional core education credits. Traditional college programs take 2 to 4 years to complete and apprenticeships often last 3 to 5 years. MIAT College of Technology’s nine-month program is focused on the key elements an HVACR technician needs to begin their career.

MIAT College of Technology provides a focused program that covers the following topics:

  • Schematics Use and Interpretation.
  • Tool Introduction and Application.
  • Piping and Fitting Basics.
  • Sheet Metal and Fiberglass Ductwork.
  • Air Handling and Hydronics.
  • AC and DC Circuits and Components.
  • Heating Fundamentals.
  • Vent System Selection and Installation.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Mechanical and Electronic Controls Troubleshooting.
  • Load Calculations.
  • Inspection and Documentation.
  • Customer Relations.

HVACR Technician Certifications

During the nine-month certificate program, MIAT HVACR Technician students will gain the following certifications:

  • EPA Universal Refrigerant Handling Certification including Core, Type I, Type II, Type III, of the Federal Clean Air Act Section – 608  (EPA examinations administered by ESCO on campus).
  • EEO Respect and Anti-Harassment.
  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Core exams.
  • R 410a.
  • OSHA 10 General construction.

If you would like to find out how you can begin your career as an HVACR technician in as few as nine months, ask for a campus tour at MIAT College of Technology in Canton.

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