How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

There is a shortage of quality service technicians in a variety of sectors of industry. One of the biggest shortages is in the aviation industry where airlines and private companies are looking for qualified graduates to become aircraft maintenance technicians. These technicians are in charge of general upkeep for both entire fleets of commercial airlines as well as for smaller personal aircraft. These jobs are crucially important to the aviation industry as aircraft maintenance technicians

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Aircraft Pre-Flight Checklist: Aircraft Safety Procedure

Are you an amateur aircraft pilot? Interested in becoming an aviation mechanic and want to learn more about what that means? Safety is definitely the most important thing to consider before taking off! Before any plane can take flight, there are steps that need to be followed to determine if the aircraft is flight-worthy. You will want to make sure to review the plane’s pre-flight checklist to make sure it has received the necessary servicing

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