How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician


There is a shortage of quality service technicians in a variety of sectors of industry. One of the biggest shortages is in the aviation industry where airlines and private companies are looking for qualified graduates to become aircraft maintenance technicians. These technicians are in charge of general upkeep for both entire fleets of commercial airlines as well as for smaller personal aircraft. These jobs are crucially important to the aviation industry as aircraft maintenance technicians are perhaps the single most responsible party for the safety of hundreds of thousands of passengers who choose to fly each year. They must be properly trained in a variety of skill sets to ensure they are ready to take on this responsibility. So, what steps can be taken, and skills acquired to become a top-notch aircraft maintenance technician?

  • A General Interest in Aviation and Mechanics
  • Attendance at a Trade School
  • Precision Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
  • Communication Competency
  • Ability to Work in a Team
  • A Willingness to Continue Learning

A General Interest in Aviation and Mechanics

Being interested in a job\’s subject matter makes any employee more likely to enjoy their job. The best candidates for an aircraft maintenance technician position are those who have been interested in aircraft since they were young. Additionally, those inclined to work with their hands will find the greatest propensity for a job that requires mostly hands on labor.

Attendance at a Trade School

One of the best places to learn all of these skills under one roof to become an aircraft maintenance technician is at a trade school. These highly focused programs give you all of the training required to enter the field without the unnecessary requirements of classes that usually accompany a traditional four-year degree. Not only can these degrees be completed faster, but they also prepare their students for real life situations in their industry of choice.

Precision Skills

The best aircraft maintenance technician is one that is able to hone their precision skills to the point of being able to all but diagnose a given issue even before an actual inspection. The only way to become this precise is to log thousands of hours on the job and to work closely with more senior aircraft maintenance technicians. By gaining these precision skills, aircraft maintenance technicians become sought after in the aviation industry.

Attention to Detail

An aircraft has literally thousands of moving parts that all work together to provide the miracle of flight. Each one of these parts must be closely managed and maintained over time to ensure that nothing ever goes wrong with them. This requires an immense amount of attention to detail. Even the smallest part of a plane can have a large impact on its ability to fly safely.

Manual Dexterity

There is no getting around the fact that  becoming an aircraft maintenance technician is highly labor intensive. This means that aircraft maintenance technicians will be required to have great manual dexterity. The ability to work well with your hands is of utmost importance. At times, an aircraft maintenance technician may have to work in strange conditions, as not all parts of an airplane are easily accessible.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

An aircraft can have a wide variety of issues over time which means a good aircraft maintenance technician should also become a great troubleshooter. By understanding common issues and being able to check them off while searching for the root cause of a problem, countless man hours and loads of frustration can be avoided. The best aircraft maintenance technicians are those who can troubleshoot highly uncommon issues. They are the ones who are called in when no one else can figure out what\’s wrong.

Communication Competency

Because many different people may be working on the same plane at the same time, communication is highly important. Each member of the maintenance crew needs to clearly understand not only what they are supposed to be working on but also what their colleagues are working on. This helps to both streamline the process of tuning up an aircraft and prevent redundant work from being performed.

Ability to Work in a Team

While many auto mechanics often work on vehicles alone, an aircraft requires a team of mechanics just by the nature of its enormous size. This requires an aircraft maintenance technician to be able to work well in a team. Team work is a great way to learn new skills, teach others, and gain invaluable experience while working alongside some of the most seasoned veterans in the aviation industry.

A Willingness to Continue Learning

The aviation industry is constantly evolving. Every year, the latest and greatest technology can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. This means that a great aircraft maintenance technician should have a strong willingness to continue learning throughout their career. The best and most experienced aircraft maintenance technicians love to research new materials, technologies and designs. By staying up to date on the latest aviation news, they can guarantee that their skills will remain applicable in the industry over time.

There is certainly a healthy job market for aircraft maintenance technicians. By properly preparing to enter the field, prospective students can maximize their chances of being hired to oversee the maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment soon after completing a trade school program.

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