Energy Technology

Wind Turbines

Parts of Wind Turbines Energy technicians all over the world utilize wind turbines to harness electricity powered by wind. While the concept of a wind turbine is simple enough, planning for and developing a wind farm is no simple task. For those interested in a wind energy career, these four turbine parts will become integral pieces of your everyday work life. The Wind Turbine Base The base, by definition, is the lower part of a

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Wind Energy Growth

Reasons Wind Energy Will Continue to Grow Students who have thought about a career as an energy technician should give it some real consideration. The energy industry continues to become more and more efficient in its practices, which is leading to a greater need for wind-generated electricity. MIAT is responding accordingly, training wind technicians in the latest technology and maintenance principles. Learn about a few reasons why wind energy isn’t going away anytime soon. Costs

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Life as a Power Plant Operator

At MIAT, we teach the basics of energy production and distribution from instructors with experience in the industry. After completing training in the Energy Technician program, our students are prepared to begin an entry-level energy career of their choice. Thinking about starting a career as a power plant operator? Power plant operators manage the systems that generate, maintain and send out electric power. As a society still heavily reliant on electricity, we need knowledgeable and

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