How do you get an HVAC Certification?

Most employers require that their technicians have EPA certifications in order to ensure that employees understand the safe handling of various refrigerants. In order to get the knowledge necessary for certifications, HVAC (or HVACR) technicians either enroll in a school or college that focuses on HVAC training, or spend years as an HVAC apprentice.

How Do You Get an HVAC Certification?

Schools like MIAT College of Technology provide various certifications, as well as hands-on instruction to help HVACR students gain an entry-level position in the field. The HVAC certifications that MIAT offers include:*

  • EPA Universal Refrigerant Handling Certification including Core, Type I, Type II, Type III, of the Federal Clean Air Act Section – 608  (EPA examinations administered by ESCO on campus).
  • EEO Respect and Anti-Harassment.
  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Core exams.
  • R410a.
  • OSHA 10 General construction.

Employers look for entry-level employees who have the basic understanding of systems, as well as the soft skills needed to communicate with customers. HVACR technicians work directly with people and must understand the basics of good customer service. MIAT College of Technology helps to prepare students to work in a professional customer-oriented environment.

Attending an HVACR Certification Program

MIAT College of Technology’s HVACR certificate program lasts nine months for full-time students, provided there are no interruptions. HVACR students can become certified and learn the science of heating and air conditioning, safety procedures, the tools and techniques needed to install and maintain systems and the fundamentals of customer service.

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