HVAC Technician Qualities

Important Qualities of an HVAC Technician

All careers have their own requirements – both job skills and personality traits. Listed below are qualities that every HVAC technician should possess if they want to find success in the profession.

Reliability:  When an air conditioning unit goes out, panic tends to set in quickly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home or a commercial business – those occupants need help and they need it now. That’s why HVAC technicians need to be so timely. If the A/C goes out in a grocery store on a hot day, for example, it’s tough to imagine anyone willing to spend a significant amount of time walking around inside. When HVAC technicians have a reputation for being on time and reliable, they’ll not only retain their customers but also attract new ones.

Technical savvy: For HVAC techs, every single day is spent working with complex, advanced systems. In order to be worth the money that customers pay for HVAC maintenance, technicians must know the ins and outs of motors, compressors, pipes and vents. Additionally, they have to master the tools and instruments used to operate and fix this equipment, such as electric drills, hammers, measurement gauges and torches. Technical HVAC expertise is necessary to build and keep credibility.

Composure: Not every task will go as planned and not every customer will be easy to work with. HVAC technicians will regularly find themselves in a wide range of situations and will need both the patience and the poise to go about their job professionally. If working on a system where solving a problem appears impossible, the HVAC technician must be able to deal with the stress and calmly push forward toward a solution. Techs must always keep their cool; if they get overly frustrated and let it show even once, it may damage both the working and personal relationship held with a customer.

Communication skills: Communication is necessary for all HVAC techs. They should be able to talk to clients, not only to explain and discuss HVAC issues, but also to win and retain work. Businesses thrive because of repeat customers, and a likeable personality may be what separates one HVAC technician from a competitor.

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