Life as an Emergency Dispatcher

When students enroll in MIAT’s Global Logistics and Dispatch program, they open themselves up to a world of opportunities. Throughout the program, they train in three primary areas of focus and career development – Aircraft Dispatch, Transportation Dispatch and Global Supply Chain Logistics. If the Transportation Dispatch pathway sounds like a good fit, check out what a career as an emergency dispatcher could hold!

Emergency dispatchers are multi-talented individuals who must always be ready to handle the unexpected. Dispatching is much more than taking calls and passing information along to police officers, firefighters and paramedics. Dispatchers also retrieve and enter data from computerized dispatch software systems involving wanted persons, stolen vehicles, traffic accidents and other important information. The job requires the constant ability to process facts quickly and make informed decisions based on the current circumstances.

Because they play a vital communication role, emergency dispatchers must leave their emotions at home when heading to work. Providing sympathy isn’t likely to help the situation when a frantic parent calls regarding a young child who has had an accident. Rather, dispatchers need to quickly and calmly evaluate the situation and follow the proper procedures to get emergency responders on the scene.

Dispatchers generally work shift schedules instead of the traditional 9 to 5. Emergencies can, and do, occur at all times of the day and night, so dispatchers must be prepared 24/7 to handle whatever comes their way.

While an emergency dispatch job will require lots of hard work, it will also have its perks. If working for a city, county or state, dispatchers can earn a decent salary with a benefits package. And aside from the healthy living they may make, they go to sleep at night (or during the day – whenever their shift ends) knowing that they made a difference and helped save lives. Not every career provides that unique opportunity.

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