What Do I Learn in a Welding Career Training Program?

Whether you are finishing high school and making plans for post-secondary education or seeking to develop new skills so that you are better trained for a career change, taking a welding career training program will prepare you for one of the most rewarding careers, that of a welder. To see if this career path is right for you, you must first answer a few key questions to make a more informed decision. What Will I

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How to Become a Welder

Interested in learning how to become a welder? Welding is a demand professions. Not only does a welder fix older mechanical equipment to ensure that they last longer, but they are also able to fabricate new and useful items for a variety of industries. Welders are the backbone of this country. Without them, people would find themselves replacing things far more frequently. The importance and growing demand for welder positions has led many to consider

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Industries of Welding Growth: A Welder\’s Guide

Vocational schools have long been an excellent alternative to more traditional forms of study after high school. This is especially true as the cost of traditional colleges rise while still not preparing their students for a specific trade. In contrast to this, vocational schools always leave their students with a valuable skill, such as welding, which can be utilized throughout their career. Welding has become a skill with an incredible growth in demand. This means

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The Math Behind Welding: A Welder\’s Guide

Did you know math is a skill that a welder must master? Welders must know how to measure materials and calculate cutting force, understand how heat can warp metal and weld seams together, read scales used on blueprints, and determine the exact amount of materials to use. A welder must be familiar with fractions, decimals, geometry, formulas and trigonometry. With these math skills, a welder can make strong welds regardless of the type of material

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What Does a Welder Do on a Day-to-Day Basis?

Welders and metal cutters are in high demand with the increased growth of infrastructure, construction and aerospace. A certification preparing you for an entry-level career in welding technology can be obtained from a trade school in less than a year. With our 9-month welding technology program, you will learn a variety of different arc welding techniques including SMAW welding, MIG-GMAW welding, and TIG-GTAW welding. What Do Welders & Metal Cutters Do? Welders and metal cutters

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