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Admissions Requirements and Procedures

An MIAT Admissions Representative can help you explore all your options, including programs and educational costs.

Get Support to Pursue Your Bright Future

Persons interested in obtaining additional information about MIAT College of Technology and its technical program offerings should contact MIAT College of Technology to speak with an Admissions Representative. Admissions Representatives will provide general information about MIAT College of Technology and, based on this discussion, will determine if the prospective college student should be scheduled for a Student Interest and Motivation Assessment (SIMA). During the SIMA, Admissions Representatives will explain admissions requirements, review program information, career opportunities, employment assistance, educational costs and conduct a tour of the facilities. In the event a SIMA is conducted offsite, a tour of the facilities is required prior to starting technical training.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

All prospective students interested in attending MIAT College of Technology must participate in a SIMA with an Admissions Representative. After meeting with an Admissions Representative, prospective college students interested in applying to MIAT College of Technology must complete an Application for Consideration and any additional required documentation to begin the application process as well as submit a $25 application fee.

All Applications for Consideration will be accompanied by an Admissions Representative’s recommendation detailing the applicant’s strengths and potential challenges as it relates to successfully completing the selected technical training program and/or obtaining meaningful employment upon graduation.

The applicant will then, with the assistance and guidance of MIAT College of Technology support personnel, begin the post-application process. All applicants are required to provide proof of high school graduation or equivalent. Other items that may be requested include Admissions requirements include a career readiness evaluation, background check, and driving report.

The following admissions requirements will be reviewed prior to enrollment:

Admission Requirements: Certificate Programs

For applicants requesting admission to one of the MIAT College of Technology Certificate programs, the applicant must provide one of the following:

  1. A copy of a high school diploma or a copy of a high school transcript indicating successful completion of the requirements for high school graduation and the date of graduation.
  1. A copy of Certificate of High School Equivalency (aka GED) or a copy of the GED transcript showing fulfillment of the requirements for GED.
  1. An official letter signed by an appropriate school or state official indicating graduation status and graduation date.
  1. An official college transcript indicating one of the following:
    • high school graduation status
    • b. the completion of an associate, bachelor or master’s degree

Admission Requirements: Associate Degrees

For applicants requesting admission to one of the MIAT College of Technology Associate in Applied Science degree programs, the applicant must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Be a graduate from the MIAT Certificate version of the program or an aligned program.
  1. Have earned a certificate or diploma from another institution that aligns with the program and is approved via the transfer approval process as outlined in this catalog.

All documentation must be in English or have been translated into English by a recognized translator. Admission documentation for students from foreign countries must be translated and certified to be at least equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma.

Distance Education Course Requirements

To be eligible for study in online coursework, applicants must meet all general admission requirements and complete a Distance Education Readiness Assessment prior to enrollment. Students must also own or have offsite access to a PC or laptop computer that meets program-based requirements, including Internet access. The applicant is responsible for checking hardware/software requirements before enrollment. A printout of the computer system requirements for students enrolled in online courses can be obtained from an Admissions Representative.

Background Self-Disclosure/Evaluation

To ensure the safety of our student population, staff and faculty all applicants are requested to accurately self-disclose all criminal convictions and/or pending charges (misdemeanors and felonies) at the time of application on their Application for Consideration.  A criminal conviction is not necessarily a bar to admittance.  MIAT will assess the circumstances surrounding the offense, time frame, nature, gravity and the relevancy of the conviction to potential employment limitations after graduation.  Based on the evaluation, MIAT College of Technology reserves the right to conduct a secure background evaluation to obtain further information.  Background evaluations include, but are not limited to:

  • Social security number verification
  • Driving record verification
  • Sexual and/or violent misconduct
  • Use of aliases
  • State and national criminal history

MIAT College of Technology reserves the right to deny or rescind admission based on criminal records that contain one or more convictions for violent or sexual offenses.  Additionally, MIAT reserves the right to deny or rescind admission based on incomplete or falsification of information.

Information obtained may be only as accurate as the state and national information on file and may occasionally contain discrepancies.  Therefore, prior to starting the background evaluation, applicants are required to read a summary of their rights according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act which will include information on how to dispute any discrepancies indicated in the information provided by state and federal agencies in the completed background evaluation.

These requirements listed above will determine acceptance, conditional acceptance, or denial to MIAT College of Technology.  These are defined as:

  • Acceptance: Applicant has met or exceeded all admissions requirements.
  • Conditional Acceptance: Applicant met or exceed all admissions requirements except for provision of an official proof of high school graduation. The applicant may move forward with the enrollment process, but MIAT may not consider a student fully enrolled and may not allow a student to start classes without providing proof of graduation.
  • Denial: Applicants who fail to provide required documentation and/or achieve admissions requirements as detailed above.

Applicants who have their admission denied will be provided formal notification as to the reason(s) why and afforded an opportunity to appeal the denial decision. All appeals should be addressed to the MIAT College of Technology School Review Board, 2955 South Haggerty Road, Canton MI, 48188 and will be reviewed by the Admissions Review Board to determine whether the applicant has taken the necessary steps to meet the admissions requirement and/or be granted a waiver.

Admission to MIAT College of Technology is on a space-available basis. To be eligible for enrollment, the applicants must execute an Enrollment Agreement and have been accepted.

Class Availability

There are many factors that affect the scheduling of classes. MIAT College of Technology strives to accommodate the scheduling needs of all college students. However, MIAT College of Technology cannot promise or guarantee the availability of any class and specifically reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel any class, change room or location, dates, times or otherwise change the availability of any class. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and will work with any affected college student.

Class Size

The maximum class size is thirty college students per school instructor with the following exceptions: FAA Part 147 (Aviation Maintenance Technical Schools) states that up to twenty-five college students per one school instructor in a lab setting unless a lab assistant is present. In general, the minimum class size for the General Education courses is ten students and the maximum class size for the General Education courses is thirty students.

Registration Periods for General Education Courses

There will be an open registration period prior to each quarter to register for the General Education courses. If a student is currently enrolled in MIAT College of Technology and is in good standing, the student will have the option to register for General Education courses during a pre-registration period prior to open registration.

Wait List for General Education Courses

During the pre-registration and/or registration period for General Education courses, if the maximum class size is reached, a wait list will be created. Students will be removed from the wait list and added to the class roster on a chronological basis in order of date of registration if seats become available.

School Hours

Classes are offered Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Current technical class and make-up schedules are posted by the Training department. General Education courses may be scheduled on weekends.

FAA Certification

Students who graduate from programs certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at MIAT College of Technology are qualified to apply for a federal certification in their field of study. In order to secure this certification, applicants must pass one or more written, practical and oral examinations. These examinations are administered by an FAA designated third party. A fee is charged at the time of the examination and is arranged directly with the examiner.

Age Requirements

An applicant may begin training beforehand, but must have reached the age of 18 prior to the completion of their technical program.

Admission of Disabled Individuals

MIAT College of Technology does not discriminate against persons with disabilities who can satisfy the MIAT College of Technology admission requirements and recognizes such person’s right to participate in or benefit from the educational programs offered by MIAT College of Technology. When necessary, MIAT College of Technology will make reasonable accommodations to enable students to participate in the programs offered by the Institute.

If an applicant or current student has a disability that might require an accommodation, written notice must be given to MIAT College of Technology so that the disability can be evaluated and reasonable methods for accommodating the disability can be investigated and developed. While MIAT College of Technology will make an effort to accommodate all disabilities, certain disabilities may not be capable of a reasonable accommodation.

Applicants for admission should notify their admissions representative of their disability and immediately schedule a meeting with the Campus President or Director of Training. The Campus President will assist them in having their disability evaluated and in determining what reasonable accommodations can be made to enable them to participate in the programs offered by MIAT College of Technology. Some accommodations may take time to implement, and thus, applicants must give MIAT College of Technology notice of their disability sufficiently in advance of their selected start date to enable MIAT College of Technology to provide a timely accommodation. If MIAT College of Technology does not receive sufficient advance noticed of a disability, the applicant’s start date may be delayed.

Students who have been attending classes and subsequently need to have a disability accommodated must notify the Director of Training at MIAT College of Technology and schedule a meeting with the Campus President. The Campus President will assist them in having their disability evaluated and in determining what reasonable accommodations can be made to enable them to continue to participate in the programs offered by MIAT College of Technology. Some accommodations take time to implement, and thus, students must give MIAT College of Technology notice sufficiently in advance of the date when an accommodation needs to be made to enable MIAT College of Technology to make an accommodation that will meet the student’s needs and avoid the interruption of their participation in a program.

MIAT College of Technology has certain facilities and services available to enable disabled individuals who are otherwise qualified for admission to MIAT College of Technology to participate in MIAT College of Technology’s educational programs. The facilities physical accommodations for disabled students include, but are not limited to: disabled student parking, wheelchair ramps for access to the facility, accessibility for disabled students to classrooms, laboratories, the Learning Resource Center, student break rooms, restrooms and support services areas at MIAT College of Technology. If the campus has multiple floors either an elevator is available or classes will be taught in floors accessible by disabled students or some other accommodations will be made.

A student who is unsatisfied with the determination made by MIAT College of Technology for reasonable accommodations and has been unable to resolve the issue through an informal discussion with the Director of Training and/or Campus President, has the right to appeal the decision. The following steps should be followed to complete the appeal process and file a formal complaint:

The complaint must be submitted in person, by US mail or by fax to the President of MIAT College of Technology. Complaints may not be submitted by e-mail. The appeal must be submitted within ten (10) days of the receipt of the decision. The submission must include:

  1. Student’s name, address, e-mail and phone number
  2. Date of the complaint
  3. A full description of the problem
  4. A full description of the efforts that have been made to resolve the issue informally
  5. A statement of the remedy requested.

The School Review Board of MIAT College of Technology will review all pertinent information and may meet with the parties involved.  A decision will be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the appeal.  The Review Board’s decision is final.