Companies that Hire MIAT Graduates

MIAT Graduates are Eligible to Apply for Specialized and High Demand Careers

From corporate contractors to international corporations, employers of all sizes have hired our graduates to work in specialized and high-demand careers. Alumni, and students preparing to graduate, have a number of resources at MIAT to help them jump start their new careers including personalized advising, interview techniques, resume feedback and development, and access to a number of job fairs to give students the opportunity to network and make contacts in the field of their study.

MIAT has partnered with Vestas!

Join the Vestas Career Community. Students and alumni can now sign up to get daily career information and job updates directly from Vestas:

For more information about the employment resources available to students and alumni, contact the Career Services Office at:

Canton, MI (Main Campus): 800-447-1310

Houston, TX (Branch Campus): 888-547-7047

Below is a list of just a few of the companies and employers who have hired our graduates in the past.