Career Services

Students get the help they need to pursue a rewarding career in Aviation, Energy, Dispatch & Logistics or HVAC/R

We’ll Help You Pursue Your Dream Career

MIAT College of Technology Career Services Advisors are here to help you from when you start school to long after you graduate.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive as an MIAT College of Technology student are:

  • Support throughout the duration of your program
  • Help finding work while you attend school*
  • Help preparing your resume and cover letter
  • Job search and interview prep to help reduce the time you spend going through the job application process
  • Access to a large employer network, meaning that your education is recognized and valued by employers

*MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.


Learn How to Find Jobs

Sorting through hundreds of job sites and finding the right job to apply for can be a daunting process. The Career Services Department helps streamline that process by emailing jobs directly to graduates, sharing suitable online positions, showcasing field experiences, sharing industry-specific job sites, and providing lists of employer websites that hire graduates.  Additionally, the Career Services Advisors will work one-on-one with graduates to customize a job search for them.

You’ll Become a Pro at Applying for Jobs

MIAT offers one-on-one career guidance to help shape your resume and prepare you for job search and interviews. We’ll set-up mock interviews and give you help applying, so you can feel confident and prepared in-front of employers and make a great first impression.

You Won’t Miss Any Important Job Postings

You’ll feel relieved that you aren’t missing any job postings. Our Career Services Advisors will send you weekly updates on new job postings, and notify you directly if any “Hot Jobs” come up that are just too perfect to pass up. You will also be invited to any on-site employer events.

Your Education Is Recognized by Employers

You have the best chance to get noticed when pursuing a career. MIAT’s Career Services Advisors are active in building and maintaining relationships with employers across the U.S. We stay in-contact with employers, visit companies and trade conferences nationwide, and network on your behalf.

You Get Connected Directly With Hiring Managers

The benefit of the strong relationships we’ve built with employers is that graduates can sometimes bypass the online application process to meet directly with hiring managers. MIAT makes and maintains strong connections in the industry in hopes to help students get jobs after graduation.*

*MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

*MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Career Support Continues After You Graduate and Move

You’ll feel supported having full access to MIAT’s career services and upgrading options, even after you finish school. If you move, find a job in a different location, or just want to change your current position/career, we’ll be there. We strive to continue assisting alumni even years after they graduate.

50 Years Training Students for Success

MIAT has over 50 years of experience supplying employers with graduates that have been trained to meet and exceed their standards. In other words, we’ve built a lot of connections in many industries. When employers see the MIAT name on an applicant’s resume, they know they’re getting a person with advanced technical training.

Have Questions, or Ready to Start Pursuing your Career? Call Now!

Call one of our Career Services Advisors at 1-555-555-1234 to get more information and the support you need to take the next step. You can also fill the form out on this page (near the top), and we’ll get back to you.