What Education Is Needed to Train to Become a Robotics Technician?

Do you have a fascination with robots? Are you good at solving puzzles and have strong attention to detail? If this sounds like you, then training to become a robotics technician may be the right career path for you.

So, what education is needed to train to become a robotics technician? First, let’s look at what robotics is and what robotics technicians typically do on a day-to-day basis.

What Is Robotics?

Robotics is the process of developing, constructing, programming and maintaining robots to perform repetitive or potentially dangerous tasks. Each robot has a function when it’s built. With more and more robots in distribution warehouses and on factory floors, there is a demand for robotics technicians.

Robotics is a diverse field, with applications in fields like manufacturing, food preparation, retail and medical. Robots are designed to perform many high-risk and highly repetitive complex tasks with precision, accuracy and speed. A robot can work for 24 hours without a break; however, a robotics technician is required to maintain, repair and replace robots as needed. While robots are replacing some jobs on the factory floor, there are new roles for robotics technicians to service and maintain robots. It is a highly technical role that takes some education and training.

What Does a Robotics Technician Do?

Robotics technicians can perform a variety of tasks. They are skilled professionals responsible for repairing and maintaining robots and their systems. Robotics technicians conduct performance assessments, interpret data, perform repairs and write reports. They often work on robots’ electrical systems to perform maintenance, make improvements or replace damaged parts. Robotics technicians also work with mechanical systems, integrated controls, hydraulics, and logic systems to ensure each robot is performing properly. Robotics technicians must also have knowledge in programming languages and hardware design.

Robotics technicians may also program robots and interpret feedback to improve performance. They often set up and test robotics systems. In addition, robotics technicians may be responsible for creating technical documents, developing safety protocols and researching the latest technologies to improve robotic efficiency.

What Education Is Needed to Train to Become a Robotics Technician?

A great way to prepare for a career in the robotics industry is by attending a trade school like MIAT College of Technology.* This experience can help you to get a complete curriculum and fill in any gaps you may have from self-study and apprenticeship.

At MIAT, not only do students learn the theory behind robotics and automation, but they also get plenty of hands-on experience in the lab. During this real-world experience, students learn from instructors who put their robotics theory knowledge to the test. MIAT’s Robotics and Automation degree and certificate programs are designed for students to spend ample time in instructor-run workshops, which helps students gain experience needed for the field.

Our Robotics and Automation programs are developed with the input and assistance of employers and industry experts. This helps prepare students with necessary technical skills, which include electronics, industrial robotics, programmable logic controllers, computer-aided design, motors, drives, hydraulics and mechanical systems.

How Long Is a Robotics Technician Program?

At MIAT in Canton, Michigan, you can complete an associate of applied science (AAS) degree in Robotics and Automation Technology in 16 months or earn a Robotics and Automation Technician certificate in only 12 months. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get practical experience and industry support to help you purse a career as a robotics technician.*

Our programs are led by school instructors with years of experience working in robotics, automation, mechanical engineering, electronics and industrial networking. Students get one-on-one attention from instructors who help mentor them throughout the educational process.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about the education needed to train to become a robotics technician, it’s time to learn more about MIAT. Our Robotics and Automation AAS and certificate programs help prepare students for careers as robotics technicians.* Let us help you train for a challenging career you’re excited about!

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Does training for a career as a robotics and automation technician interest you? MIAT College of Technology is here to provide students with knowledge and training for the field of robotics and automation. Graduates of one of MIAT’s electromechanical training programs are prepared for entry-level roles in many settings, including service, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and sales.* 

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