What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Wind Turbine Technician?

Did you know that you can complete a wind turbine technician program in as few as seven months by attending full time? You can build a specialized knowledge base and valuable skill set that helps prepare you to pursue wind turbine technician jobs. Before sharing the qualifications needed in the industry, let’s investigate what a technician does on a day-to-day basis.

What Does a Wind Turbine Technician Do?

Wind turbine technicians focus on monitoring and repairing wind turbines, as well as making sure they are operating at their optimal potential. Performance monitoring through remote systems and routine on-site inspections help keep wind turbines working 24/7.

There are several major parts of a wind turbine to know: the tower, three blades and a collection of gears, a generator and gearbox called a nacelle. You will learn how these parts work and what is needed to diagnose and repair them.

Wind turbine technicians usually travel in pairs as they climb towers to make repairs at various outdoor job sites.

Some of the typical job responsibilities of a wind turbine technician include:

  • Conducting exterior inspections of wind turbines to ensure structural soundness and physical maintenance.
  • Climbing turbine towers for closer inspections and to repair damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Performing preventative maintenance both on-site and through remote monitoring.
  • Monitoring and repairing wind turbine components
  • Making mechanical and electrical repairs to the different components of the wind turbine.
  • Collecting and compiling wind turbine data to draw insights and improve energy efficiency
  • Working with the different systems such as underground transmission and fiber-optic control systems.
  • Monitoring operations remotely to maintain 24-hour data surveillance.
  • Responding immediately to any type of emergency.
  • Performing maintenance up to three times a year.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Wind Turbine Technician?

There are many qualifications needed to become a successful wind turbine technician. From manual dexterity and problem-solving skills to attention to detail and collaboration, technicians must build a solid knowledge base and skill set to prepare for the initial tasks and continuous learning that is needed to succeed.

Stamina & Dexterity

One of the first qualifications needed is the dexterity to use tools and equipment for repairing and maintaining wind turbines. It takes stamina and dexterity to ascend a wind tower and fix any issues with the wind turbine.

Problem-Solving Skills

It is important to have sharp problem-solving skills. The ability to identify a problem, compile a list of issues, and identify the proper procedures needed to diagnose and repair a wind turbine is paramount for wind turbine technicians. While there are always going to be issues to manage, it is up to the technician to get the optimal performance from the wind turbine by solving problems quickly and safely.

Attention to Detail

Wind turbine technicians must be able to notice details. From reading blueprints to reviewing reports, they must pay attention to what they are doing because any error can be catastrophic.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Much of what wind turbine technicians do is in cooperation with other technicians or under the supervision of a manager It is always important to work together and collaborate to diagnose issues and repair issues. A collective is much smarter than the individual.

Final Thoughts

There is a demand for technicians in wind energy. Do you have the qualifications? If not, you are in luck. You can start a wind turbine technician program at MIAT College of Technology to learn the skills needed to succeed in this industry.

Want to Know More?

Does a career as a wind turbine technician interest you? The Wind Turbine Technician program from MIAT College of Technology provides the hands-on training, practical experience and industry support it takes to pursue a career in just 7 months. Wind turbine technicians must inspect and service a turbine’s blades on a regular basis. This is done by entering the turbine through the base of the tower and climbing a ladder or riding an elevator up through the tower shaft. Depending on the task at hand, technicians may be suspended hundreds of feet in the air! When needed, it’s not uncommon for helicopters to raise wind turbine technicians up to the desired working height.

To learn more about the Wind Turbine Technician program and explore whether MIAT is right for you, fill out the form on this page. Contact us today if you are interested in training to become a wind turbine technician.

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