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The school has some great teachers all of which have real world experience. I learned more about: electricity, radios, engines, airfoils, hydraulics, and mechanics in the time I was at MIAT than my first year of engineering school. It is a challenge but very rewarding and the connections that the school has to industry when you receive your A&P license is irreplaceable. Having earned both an associates and bachelors degree I still find the A&P license a better tool for employment. Everyone has a degree today and unless its from an ivy league school your probably much better off learning a trade or obtaining a license from an accredited school with great connections like MIAT. After earning my A&P license and graduating from MIAT in Michigan I started work at a unionized aircraft manufacture. In less than five years I was well into a six digit income, and today after building on my ( Airframe & Powerplant ) training I’m in a senior engineering position. This school is a great place to start your career if your willing to work for it!

Jeremy Collins