Robotics and Automation Career Training Programs

Choose from 12- and 18-month program options!

Do you want a career that challenges your thinking and elevates your technical abilities to the next level? MIAT College of Technology is here to provide you with knowledge and training that will propel you into the growing field of Robotics and Automation Technology.*

Getting technology career training is a great investment in your future career in a variety of industries, including, drafting, electrical and electronics engineering technician, electro- mechanical technology, field service technology, mechanical engineering support, automotive, manufacturing and industrial robotics and automation! Inquire today to learn more about MIAT’s Robotics and Automation Technology programs.

What is the Career Technical Education Program?

The Career Technical Education High School Program allows students to receive technical career education and college credits while still enrolled in high school. Students receive credit toward high school graduation while learning hands-on technical career skills at an accredited post-secondary facility.

Classes are interactive and led by school instructors using real industry equipment. Career Technical Education Program students get a jump start on their career training and have a leg up after high school. No technical experience necessary.

Becoming a Robotics and Automation Technician

The Robotics and Automation degree and certificate programs from MIAT College of Technology provide the practical experience and industry support it takes to pursue a technical career.

Get hands-on training in our industry-inspired facilities. Our Robotics and Automation programs were developed with the input and assistance of employers and industry experts to ensure you have the skills and knowledge. Robotics and Automation professionals work in a challenging environment that requires a wide range of technical skills including; electronics, industrial robotics, programmable logic controllers, computer aided design, motors, drives, hydraulics and mechanical systems.

Robotics and Automation graduates can pursue careers as Research and Development Technicians, Electro-Mechanical Technicians, Industrial Automation Technicians, Engineering Technicians, Robotics Technicians, Field Service Technicians and many other fields.78 Our school’s Robotics and Automation programs are geared toward hands-on learners. MIAT College of Technology offers a learning environment that reinforces what is taught in the classroom by integrating projects that make theory come to life.

Programs include interactive classes led by dedicated school instructors with years of experience working in the industries you’re training for, such as automation, mechanical engineering, electronics and industrial networking. You’ll get the one-on-one attention and personal support to pick up new skills quickly and the first-hand technical knowledge to feel confident entering the workforce. Skills you will develop in the Robotics and Automation programs include:

  • Electrical design and troubleshooting.
  • Manufacturing systems and technology.
  • Applied and theoretical physics, mathematics.
  • DC, AC, advanced electricity and troubleshooting electronics.
  • Instrumentation and control systems.
  • Industrial robotics.
  • Programmable logic controllers.
  • C/C++ programming.
  • Industrial networking.
  • Drafting, imaging and design of functional systems.
  • CAD/autodesk.
  • Industrial robotics and 3D printer concepts.
  • Hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical systems.
  • Design, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of operation of automation systems.

MIAT College of Technology trains electromechanical technology students in the latest trends and practices they’ll need to become successful in their future careers.

Choose From Two Robotics and Automation Programs in Canton, MI 

Robotics and Automation Technology Associate in Applied Sciences – 18 Months

By earning your Robotics and Automation Technology degree, you will learn competitive skills upon graduation and throughout your career. 

Robotics and Automation Technician certificate program – 12 Months

Robotics and Automation Technicians are prepared to meet the needs of many employers and many industries across the country. 

Robotics and Automation Technology Career Opportunities

As a successful graduate of one of MIAT College of Technology’s electromechanical training programs, you will be prepared for an entry-level career in many different settings. Graduates pursue positions in service, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and sales. Potential job titles include:

  • Electro-mechanical technician.
  • Mechanical engineering technician.
  • Electrical and electronics installer / repairer.
  • Drafter.
  • Machinery maintenance worker.
  • Field service technician.
  • Electrical and electronics engineering technician.
  • Industrial engineering technician.

MIAT College of Technology programs are developed collaboratively with employers so you get the exact skills and training they look for in a new employee. You’ll feel gain practical, real-world training before you graduate.

Get Backed by Over 50 Years of Success

MIAT - Established 1969

Since 1969 MIAT School of Technology has helped thousands of individuals get the industry-relevant skills, experience and connections it takes to pursue technical careers. After more than 50 years in technical career education, MIAT has built an excellent reputation and strong working relationships with industry-leading employers.

MIAT programs are developed in direct response to feedback from industry leaders looking for qualified employees, and the school collaborates with these employers to tailor its programs to fit industry needs.

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78MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary. MIAT prepares graduates for entry-level careers using the provided training. MIAT graduates’ achievements may vary. Some MIAT graduates get jobs within their field of study in positions other than those listed.