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Get the Skills to Be a Professional Logistics & Dispatch Specialist

Dispatch students combine classroom training & real-world experience

7 Month Global Logistics and Dispatch Career Training Program

Please note that MIAT’s Dispatch programs are not offered at the Houston campus.

Global Logistics & Dispatch Specialists play a vital role in the business operations of shipping companies, emergency responders, and other public and private organizations.* Are you looking for a new challenge? Find out what it takes to become a dispatcher.

*MIAT is an educational institution and cannot guarantee employment or salary.

The Transportation Dispatch portion of MIAT’s Global Logistics and Dispatch certificate training program is rigorous and fast-paced. Subjects include:

  • meteorology
  • regulations
  • navigation
  • communication
  • emergency procedures
  • crisis management
  • air traffic control
  • computers
  • transporting dangerous goods/hazardous materials
  • human factors
  • troubleshooting

Job requirements include:

  • good situational awareness
  • multi-variable problem solving abilities
  • outstanding communication skills (oral and written)
  • excellent computer knowledge
  • dedication
  • general office management and clerical skills

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Employment Outlook and Information

A graduate of the Global Logistics and Dispatch Program can choose from a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of specialties within the transportation and public and private service industries. Dispatchers often enjoy an exciting and challenging work environment because no two days or shifts are exactly the same. Transportation Dispatch Specialists have an array of transferable skills that can be used in various disciplines such as aviation, emergency services, trucking dispatch, public utilities, rail, and public safety. Dispatchers exercise sound judgment and utilize problem-solving skills to maximize safety and efficiency, ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, and effectively make recommendations.

The Global Dispatch and Logistics Program is currently offered at our Canton, MI campus.

Get Backed by Over 50 Years of Success

MIAT Established 1969 - Building Technical Careers

Since 1969 MIAT School of Technology has helped thousands of individuals get the industry-relevant skills, experience and connections it takes to pursue technical careers. After more than 50 years in technical career education, MIAT has built an excellent reputation and strong working relationships with industry-leading employers.

We partner directly with employers to develop programs specifically tailored to fit their needs. As a MIAT student you get the relevant, up-to-date skills employers are look for.

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Global Logistics and Dispatch Program Gainful Employment Disclosure