The USAF and M1 Support Services Donate Business Jet Engine to MIAT College of Technology’s Houston Campus Airframe and Powerplant Technician Program


\"\"HOUSTON, Texas (Oct. 05, 2020) –  The United States Air Force (USAF) and its industry partner, M1 Support Services, donated a business jet training aid to MIAT to further the education of next generation Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics (  The TFE-731 Turbofan Engine is found on business jets such as a Learjet 35/36, Dassault Falcon 900 A/B, and Hawker 900 aircraft. The college currently has 323 students enrolled in this two-year program who receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification after completing the curriculum requirements.

\"\"“Without airworthy aircraft, the Air Force mission or any other aviation mission, would not be possible,” commented Michael Charles Lauer, C-21 program manager Commercial Derivative Aircraft Division, United States Air Force. “We hope this engine will facilitate learning by providing an opportunity for hands on experience and familiarization with the same technology and equipment that is in service today on both civil and military platforms.”

James Dyba, an adjunct professor for MIAT’s A&P program and quality assurance inspector for the Houston-based StandardAero ( operations, helped to facilitate the donation. The engine was sent to Standard Aero for a Core Zone (CZI) inspection and was deemed Beyond Economic Repair (BER) by both the USAF and M1 Support Services. Dyba knew the significance this engine would have for the college’s A&P certification program and proceeded to undertake the work to have the engine donated to MIAT.

\"\"“The turbofan engine is the most updated engine the college has and will be a very nice training tool for our students. The TFE-731 series engines, in different variants, are used on most corporate jets. Students will learn how to remove and reassemble components, borescope the engine, and conduct engine inspections. We are extremely grateful to everyone who assisted in the donation.” John Willis, MIAT’s Houston campus president explained. 

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