MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus “Soar” Marketing Video Earns a 2020 Silver Telly Award with Creative Support from Mnemonic Agency, Proves Effective in Supporting Recruiting and Enrollment Goals

HOUSTON, Texas (June 23, 2020) –  The Houston Campus of MIAT College of Technology and Mnemonic Agency have earned one silver 2020 Award in the Local TV General-Schools/Colleges/Universities category for their collaborative development of MIAT’s 30-second video entitled “Soar.”

MIAT operates campuses in Houston and in the Detroit metro area.  MIAT’s Houston team is using the video for marketing and public relations, recruiting, job fairs, and community relations purposes. The video is available below:

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Sehban Zaidi, creative manager with Houston-based Mnemonic Agency, worked closely with MIAT College of Technology Houston campus president John Willis, his faculty, staff, students and alumni to produce the “Soar” video last year.  Aaron Long, a senior marketing consultant and founder of the Longstation marketing and graphic design firm , also served on the project team.  Since summer 2019, the video has aired extensively via Comcast,  AT&T U-verse  and Direct TV on numerous television channels such as ESPN, ID, MTV,  TBS, TNT and many others. It also has been viewed and shared extensively via MIAT’s social media platforms, digital marketing campaigns, the MIAT.edu Web site, and MIAT YouTube Channel.

Willis credits “Soar” for enabling MIAT to effectively showcase the Houston campus, its programs and positive outcomes for students, their family, employers, and the communities in which they live and work after graduating.  The Houston campus opened in 2010 and expanded in 2019 from 40,000 sq. ft to 56,000 sq. ft, with the capacity for classroom and lab instruction of up to 800 students in the future. Current enrollment is just above 500.  MIAT Houston offers certificate and associate degree programs ranging in duration of 3 months to 24 months in aviation maintenance, energy technology, wind technology,  HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration), welding, and non-destructive testing.

“I am extremely thankful to Sehban and Aaron for working with me to produce this award-winning ‘Soar’ video.  The goal from the beginning was to create “something different” that resonated with students and emphasized at its core the vision of our college.  This video has proven to be a strategically valuable component of our marketing campaign. This 30-second spot has served us well by increasing awareness of our school and helping to recruit students for enrollment in our programs. We have realized 40 percent growth in student enrollment in the past two years, which prompted us to expand our campus with 16,000 additional square feet last year.  The key message of this award-winning video is that students can count on MIAT as a proven provider of career education that will have a profound, positive impact for themselves and members of their family for generations.  We encourage students to take their life and their future into their own hands by working with their hands,” Willis explained.

Zaidi shared this perspective about the project: “At Mnemonic, we pride ourselves in celebrating the strengths of our clients and their connection to the community that they serve. Our assignment is always easier when we are working with an organization like MIAT because of how the school truly elevates the greater Houston area. MIAT offers a pathway to amazing careers and expands opportunities for innovation. I enjoyed experiencing the engagement of the students, the excitement of the instructors, and the pride of the alums who connected for a common purpose on behalf of a career school that is doing so much good for so many. John and Aaron were amazing creative partners as well. Their vision was strong and clear —  anchored in an authentic desire to help others. It is impossible not to be energized by such positive energy. Capturing the collective energy of the school and translating that its authentic messages through our exemplary creative interpretation and production quality has led to winning multiple awards for this campaign.”

For more information about MIAT, please visit www.miat.edu.

For more information about mnemonic visit www.mnemonicagency.com.