MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus Offers Robotics and Automation Technician Programs that Can be Completed in 12 or 18 months, Zaid AlSayes Serves as Program Coordinator


HOUSTON, Texas (Oct. 4, 2021) – The Houston campus of MIAT College of Technology recently introduced two Robotics and Automation Programs. The Robotics and Automation Technician Diploma Program can be completed in 12 months, and the Robotics and Automation Technology Associate  in Applied Science Degree Program can be completed in 18 months. These programs are offered Monday through Thursday, and students can choose the morning session from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. or the evening session from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Zaid AlSayes joined MIAT in Houston earlier this year to serve as the Robotics and Automation Program coordinator. In this role, AlSayes contributed to the development of the curriculum for the Robotics and Automation programs that incorporate both classroom and lab instruction. As lead Robotics and Automation instructor, AlSayes teaches automation and programming classes, assists  other MIAT instructors in delivery of the course curriculum, and mentors students. He also has been responsible for ordering and maintaining the equipment used in the program such as robotic arms, conveyer belts, elevators,  excavation machines, controlled sorting systems, pneumatic and hydraulic controlled systems,  3D printers,  and drones.

“MIAT is committed to moving our students toward graduating and starting their career in two years or less. Our Robotics and Automation students have access to interactive learning opportunities led by Zaid and other instructors with decades of experience working in automation, mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial, and other fields. Our smaller classes provide students greater access to their instructors who challenge them to cover and absorb a large volume of information quickly and effectively, ” explained John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston campus president. 

Willis considers AlSayes a tremendous asset to MIAT and its students, commenting: “As a native of Jordan and one who speaks four languages, Zaid brings an international perspective to our school that is extremely valuable to me, our faculty, staff and student body. He started his engineering and technical career only 10 years ago and has advanced very quickly from undergraduate student, grad student, instructor, and skilled professional in several countries. His work ethic is admirable and quite impressive.”

More about MIAT’s Robotics and Automation Program and Zaid AlSayes

AlSayes began working in a technical engineering role before completing his undergraduate studies. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechatronics engineering in Jordan in 2012, and a Master of Science degree in  electrical and electronics engineering from The American University in Girne, North Cyprus, in 2014. For more about his career, please visit Zaid’s Linked In profile.

Robotics and Automation professionals work in challenging situations that require knowledge and experience with electronics, industrial robotics, programmable logic controllers, computer aided design, motors, drives, hydraulics, and mechanical systems. Robotics and Automation Technology program graduates qualify for entry-level jobs and long-term careers in service, manufacturing, construction, industrial equipment commissioning, and sales.

MIAT’s Houston and Canton,  Mich., campuses offer a learning environment that reinforces what is taught in the classroom by integrating projects that make theory come to life. MIAT’s Robotics and Automation Technology degree and certificate/diploma programs provide students hands-on, practical experience with support from industry professionals and future employers that equip students to pursue a rewarding technical career when they graduate.

“Outside of the classroom, our students participate in labs that introduce them  to programming industrial robots and industrial control systems. They design custom-made control systems from scratch and learn how to  operate 3D printer, CNC machines and cutting machines with CAD software. They build new applications for controlling industrial machines. We also offer study groups and  tutoring for students who want or need extra help, and all of our instructors are ready and willing to help our students late and night and over the weekend,” AlSayes commented.

To schedule a virtual or actual tour of the MIAT Houston campus and to learn more about MIAT’s  Robotics and Automation programs, please visit www.miat.edu.