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Media Center

When you start your college search, it may be hard to visualize yourself in a school simply because you don’t know what it looks like! The Media Center’s Video Library contains short videos that will give you a clear picture of the layout of the campus, take you inside classrooms and hands-on training sessions, as well as let you hear directly from graduates and program advisors. You’ll also hear from industry professionals themselves as they share why they value graduates of MIAT.

As you train at MIAT, you’ll gain a foundation of technical skills. Industry professionals are integrated as part of MIAT’s curriculum advisory boards so that any trends in the market become incorporated into classroom instruction and practical projects. Companies also donate equipment for students to learn on so that they know how to work with the machinery and the tools essential to that field even before they receive their diplomas and head into the workplace for the first time. MIAT training can give graduates an edge because they come into the workforce already having a strong foundation of skills.

Listen to the interviews and testimonials below to learn more about the opportunities that exist with a MIAT education.

If you still have questions about the campuses, specific programs, or anything else, our representatives will be happy to assist you. Fill out our contact form to request information or ask any questions you have in a live chat.

Video Testimonials

A World of Opportunities
Houston Campus Tour
MIAT Main Campus Virtual Tour

Nationally recognized employers rely on MIAT Graduates to fill technical positions…

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

“It takes highly trained people to keep the lights on and the businesses operating in this country…For this vital technical training the energy industry has turned to the Power Technology, a division of MIAT.”

— Terry Bradshaw
Today in America

Screening & Professionalism

“MIAT does a lot of the screening requirements for us. We know when we hire students they’ve already had a preliminary background check done, they’ve been given drug testing through the process, so we know they’ve been pretty thoroughly vetted, which cuts down on our overhead cost.”

— T. Burrows
Vice President of Operations
Power Equipment Maintenance

Customized Curriculum

“Once we got to develop this program, we actually sent it out to the industry leaders, had them look at it, and had their trainers look at it. They made some suggestions and each suggestion they made, we actually implemented, and changed our curriculum to be in-line with the industry.”

— R. Gardner
Power Technology Institute (at MIAT)

Advanced SKILL Level

“We realize when we’re bringing in people from MIAT they’re almost already at an advanced level for us so we put them on a fast track from a technical training standpoint.”

— J. Keegan
Manager of Technical Training
Siemens Wind Americas

Hands-On Experience

The hands-on experience is a huge factor. You can look at a book all day long, but it’s not the same as getting out there and doing it. It’s a completely different experience.

— B. Publiski
Engineer & MIAT Graduate
Liebherr Aerospace

MIAT Mobile Ring Tones

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Jet Flyby

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