Canton – General Education Instructor 


Job Title: General Education Instructor
Direct Report: Program Director – General Education
Department: Training
Campus: Online, Canton, Houston
Job Type: Adjunct Employment Type:
Salary: Exempt 

A General Education Instructure Instructor will be responsible for the effective instruction of MIAT’s General Education curriculum in a classroom setting for the subjects of Mathematics, English Composition, Public Speaking, and Introduction to Sociology, Environmental Sciences and Organizational Behavior. 

Specific Functions/Responsibilities 

  • Successful completion of MIAT’s instructor training program 
  • Conducting class room instruction utilizing proper techniques and practices, following approved curriculum 
  • Be flexible in terms of teaching schedule assignments 
  • Maintain student attendance and grade rosters 
  • Prepare direct instruction in a timely manner 
  • Design instructional aids in area of instructor expertise 
  • Administer tests and make-up tests per MIAT procedures manual 
  • Report all damaged or missing instructional equipment 
  • Ensure that students follow all established policies, procedures and safety practices 
  • Ensure that a professional training environment is maintained in the classroom and shop areas at all times 
  • Other duties as assigned 

Working Conditions 

  • Majority of time spent in an online education environment 
  • Appropriate safety measures must be followed 


  • Master’s degree with appropriate academic coursework and preparation in the subject area(s) taught. “Appropriate academic coursework and preparation” is defined as a minimum of 15 semester credit hours (or the equivalent) in related subject areas that support the curriculum content. 


  • Prior teaching experience preferred 

Skills and Abilities 

  • Ability to teach adult students of various ages and diverse backgrounds 
  • Able to work productively and communicate effectively with students, fellow employees and supervisors 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills 
  • Excellent customer service skills 
  • Must be able to deal responsibly with confidential information 
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft applications (Word and Excel required) 
  • Must be personable, energetic and have a customer service orientation 
  • Must be self-motivated; Must be able to work alone or with a team 

Performance Standards 

  • Instructors will be evaluated on their ability to promote and implement the objective of the school 
  • Assure that the curriculum is adhered to and delivered with motivation and enthusiasm 
  • Ensure that student morale is maintained at a high level 
  • Maintain control of the classroom and handle student day to day issues 
  • Maintain a good standing on student evaluations 
  • All internal and external reports and forms have been accurately completed and submitted in a timely fashion 
  • Maintain an annual average of 95% student retention 
  • Instructor evaluations will be done twice a year by management
  • Instructors evaluations will be done by students every quarter

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