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MIAT Host Girls in Aviation Day

MIAT Hosts Event Introducing Young Girls to Aviation Industry

Girls in Aviation Day

Some little girls dream of becoming a ballerina, movie star, or even being a princess; but then there are the few…the few that dream of flying as a pilot, becoming an engineer designing new aircraft, or even brave enough to jump out of a plane as a skydiver. These few are our future aviation enthusiasts and on September 26th, 2015 a group of girls from ages 8-14 were able to get a taste of aviation and how exciting it can be when they attended the Girls In Aviation event hosted at MIAT’s Canton Campus.

The girls were able to learn about and explore different types of aircraft, safety wire with some of MIAT’s female graduates as well as rivet sheet metal into nameplates. We had several guest speakers that are female mechanics and pilots who spoke about how much they enjoy their chosen career and what a typical working day was like for them.

All of this was thanGirls in Aviationks to the Yankee Ladies Aviation Chapter and MIAT for their efforts in continuously enlightening the minds of young girls in Michigan! MIAT is already planning on hosting Girls in Aviation Day again later this year, stay tuned for updates! To learn more about the Aviation Programs at MIAT visit HERE!