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What is the HVAC Job Outlook?

HVAC Students Repairing Residential AC Unit
HVAC Students Repairing Residential AC Unit

The Bureau of Labor and statistics reports that HVAC jobs will increase by 13% (much faster than average) from 2018 to 2028. During this time the Social Security Administration also reports that 22% of the U.S. workforce will retire. As demand for HVAC jobs heats up, the supply will be diminished. According to the HVACR Workforce Development Foundation, by 2022 we could have a shortage of 115,000 HVAC employees. The report states:

“Students in HVACR training and education programs will likely have little trouble finding jobs upon graduation.”

From the September 2015 report, The HVACR Workforce: Demand Heats Up as Supply Melts Away

Due to a shortage of employees available to fill needed HVAC jobs, the salary outlook is also predicted to be positive over the next ten years.

Job Demand for HVAC Technicians

HVAC jobs are in demand from coast to coast. HVAC technicians are consistently needed throughout the United States, unlike other employment opportunities that are clustered geographically, like oil and gas. On average, HVAC job openings remain open for 34 days, which is slightly longer than the national average. This indicates that it is difficult to find employees to fill HVAC jobs as demand is outweighing supply.

MIAT is Filling the HVAC Job Gap

MIAT College of Technology is working hard to help fill the gap in HVAC jobs. If the HVAC job shortage grows, we could see longer wait times for repairs, and increased costs across the United States. If you would like to learn more about HVAC job demand and how you can become a certified HVAC technician, sign up for a MIAT College of Technology campus tour today.


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