How Long Does It Take to Become an Aircraft Mechanic?

Working on aircraft is a lifelong dream for many. Whether you are settling under a light aircraft or helicopter, it can be an exhilarating experience, one that always brings an exciting and welcomed challenge. For problem-solvers and tinkerers who want to work with their hands outside of an office, becoming an aircraft mechanic is a fantastic career path. The best part? You can complete your entire aircraft mechanic training in as little as 18 months, attending full-time.

If you want to learn how to become an aircraft mechanic, what certifications you\’ll need, how to find a job and more, read on. This guide will tell you what you need to know to start your future career as an aircraft mechanic.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Aircraft Mechanic?

You will spend at least 18 months in training, with full-time enrollment, to become an aircraft mechanic. The entire curriculum of aircraft maintenance is designed to prepare you for day one on the job as well as prepare you for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. This is the required certification every aircraft mechanic needs to work. It demonstrates your knowledge of aircraft types, technology, and mechanisms as well as your ability to perform maintenance and repairs.

How To Get a Job as an Aircraft Mechanic

While there are some entry-level aviation maintenance jobs available, it can be much more difficult to get hired without some type of formal training. A certification in aviation maintenance demonstrates your ability to safely work on a variety of aircraft. You become more valuable to prospective employers because they can trust your certification and know you come with the education and experience necessary to do your job well.

When it comes to being an aircraft mechanic, there’s more than just the physical planes to think about. You are responsible for ensuring that every aircraft is safe for crew and passengers. For this reason, you must have completed a course of student from an FAA-certificated trade school or have at least 30 months of experience in airframe and powerplant maintenance to take the FAA certification exam.

Why Choose a Trade School Over 30 Months of Experience?

In an aviation maintenance trade school program, you get to perform all the work actual aircraft mechanics do. When you graduate, you can work as a full-fledged aircraft mechanic and skip the years of apprenticeship. The degree and certification also qualifies for you to work in different fields and more opportunities for advancement.

Benefits of an Aircraft Mechanic Trade School Program

There are numerous benefits to getting your training through a trade school. Aviation maintenance is not just about learning how to make repairs. If you aspire to become an aircraft mechanic, you will learn how to work on many different aircraft such as personal and commercial airplanes, light aircraft, and helicopters. You will be taught by professional instructors who have years of mechanical aviation experience under their belts.

Through various labs and exercises, you perform hands-on activities that teach the proper techniques, tools, and equipment for aircraft maintenance. You also learn all the safety regulations and codes that must be upheld to protect yourself and anyone who operates or rides in an aircraft.

A Supportive Community of Fellow Aircraft Enthusiasts

By attending a trade school for aviation maintenance, you learn alongside others who share your passion. The group learning environment creates a much more memorable experience, and it also provides an opportunity to make new friends and learn from peers. This program brings together people from all walks of life, so there are many new perspectives to discover and learn from.

Instructors also come from a variety of backgrounds, which grants you first-hand access to inside knowledge about aircraft and aviation maintenance. You will be able to work one-on-one with instructors to learn how to make repairs and ask any questions you have about the field.

Career Services

A trade school is invested in its students; rather than simply offering a curriculum, the school emphasizes its ultimate purpose of helping people build their futures through a meaningful career. For this reason, you will gain access to career services and support that include resume building, interview prep and job placement assistance.

Finding work after graduation can make anyone anxious, but you will never have to face the future alone. Toward the end of training, you will receive education in the field, including how to find a job and interview preparation.

Where Does an Aircraft Mechanic Work?

Aircraft mechanics work in any industry that relies on aviation. Some work for civilian airlines, others work for shipping companies. Tactical aircraft maintenance specialists are experts in the Air Force who inspect and maintain military aircraft; they work on fighter, strike and attack planes and are a vital part of the armed forces. Whether you choose a civilian or military post, you will be ensuring a safe ride for everyone that rides in aircraft.

Final Thoughts

You can choose your path to align with your ambitions and interests; but every career in aviation maintenance should begin by applying to a trade school and learning the fundamentals from a team of skilled professionals. Start the journey today and start working as an aircraft mechanic tomorrow.

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