Free A&P License Preparation

Prepare for your A&P License Exam

Where can you recap on classes you completed over a year ago and be ready for your A&P license by the time you graduate? In the Learning Resource Center (LRC)! The LRC has an A&P License Preparation class that spans Tuesday thru Friday from 10am thru 2pm and 4pm thru 8pm.

The General, Powerplant, and Airframe courses last one week each and cover all subjects needed to test for your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) License. The class agenda was created with input from Federal Aviation Administration Designated Maintenance Examiner’s (FAA DME) to ensure accurate training in a little amount of time.

There are numerous advantages to prepping at MIAT College of Technology rather than somewhere else. These classes are absolutely free for graduates and non-graduates, and you can take these classes as many times as needed. If you have not graduated yet, you still have the ability to take these classes before or after class starts, and have the potential of achieving a license before graduation. Also there is no traveling and no need to pay to stay in a hotel. Each subject is a week-long and tailored to your learning style. No rush or stress related to time constraints. Learn at your own pace!

MIAT has decades of experience helping students with A&P license preparation. The staff here in the LRC legitimately care about our students’ success, and will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve success.

You do not need to be a graduate to sign up for prep courses. Apply today to prepare yourself for your future success! Sign in sheets are available in the Assistant Director of Training (ADOT) office and the LRC. Classes are going on now!

Meet the Staff: Tom Foley – Over 30 years of experience in Aviation. Tom holds an IA and a pilot license and is the main Instructor for license prep. Sam Bazzi – MIAT Alumni who is currently working in the field as an A&P and has mainstream knowledge of today’s techniques. Akeem Burks – MIAT Alumni with an A&P, Akeem has experienced the hurdles of prepping for the A&P license and knows how to focus your study time and Joe Hutchison – Joe is an A&P and an Alumni of MIAT, Joe has the ability to alter teaching techniques to match your learning style.

Learn more about training in Aviation Maintenance by vising MIAT – Aviation. To arrange a visit with one of our Admissions Advisors or to book a tour of the campus, fill in this easy [getinfo]request form[/getinfo].

Written by Joe Hutchison