FAQs-Continuing Students in Houston


When will I be able to complete the hands-on portion of my current class?

Once the federal and/or state mandates for COVID-19 are lifted, you will begin following schedules developed by the Training department for the hands-on portion of any course completed online during the “Stay-at-Home” orders. Not every course will require additional hands on work. Some courses will be able to be completed in the current online format. In coordination with our accreditor, state regulators and the FAA every effort has been made to develop strategies to deliver online as much of the classroom (“theory”) work as possible with the goal of completing the current course.


When does the next term begin?

Your next term is scheduled to begin on April 15, 2020. You will be issued a grade for your current course. If there are hands-on labs necessary for the completion of the course, you will be given an “incomplete” until such time as the labs are completed. On April 15th, you will begin your next course as scheduled by the Training department.


Will the next term be online, as well?

Yes. The current Harris County “stay home work safe order” was extended till April 30th. Students will begin their courses online and complete any needed hands on labs once the physical campus can reopen. Based on the current order that will be Friday May 1. Individualized conversations will occur dependent on your program and the course you are taking.


What are my options if I am unable to attend classes due to illness, caring for a family member, etc.?

MIAT has established policies and procedures to address a student’s inability to attend classes due to COVID-19 related illness or the need to care for family members. You should contact the Training department as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements to suspend your training if it is determined that is the best option for you and to develop a plan to return to school as soon as possible. For questions you may contact Director of Education Titus Hubbard thubbard@miat.edu or Assistant Director of Education Jim Bailey jbailey@miat.edu.


I am a veteran. Am I eligible for my housing benefits?

MIAT is working closely with the Veteran’s Administration to make certain our student veterans continue to receive all benefits to which they are entitled. The Veteran’s Administration’s guidelines as of today’s date is that any student who remains active during this time and attends at least 80% of their coursework (even if it is online) will continue to be eligible to receive their housing benefits. Please contact Nusly Pac at npac@miat.edu with any questions regarding VA and housing benefits.


How do I reach a staff or faculty member at the campus?

All staff and faculty are working remotely at this time and can be reached through e-mail or via phone. You may call the campus during business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm). Because staff/faculty are working remotely, however, please be patient if there is a delay in receiving a return call and/or e-mail. Our general e-mail box (contactus@miat.edu) is also being monitored and any e-mails sent will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for response.


What can I do if I am having trouble paying my school payment?


MIAT is aware that the disruption in work/home life caused by the COVID-19 outbreak may be causing financial difficulties. If you are experiencing hardship in making your scheduled payments to the school, please reach out to us. Active students may request to suspend their in-school payments for the next couple of months. If you are having difficulty making your in school payments, please contact Stephanie Ramos at sramos@miat.edu.