High School Program (CTE) Inquiry

MIAT’s Career and Technical Education Program, or CTE, is designed to give High School students a JUMP START in a rewarding hands-on career! High school students, in the Southeast Michigan area, can take MIAT’s college courses while attending high school through the CTE Program during their Junior and Senior year.

For students who qualify, the course takes place during Junior and Senior year. The course is designed for the “HANDS ON” learner and can lead to a career in Aviation Maintenance. Best of all it is at NO TUITION COST to the student!

Courses Offered:


Learn how to become a certified Powerplant Technician in MIAT’s Powerplant Technology Program (CTE). The course will take the student through basic aviation terms, regulations, and practices which will allow him/her to overhaul and maintain aircraft engines! This is an ideal program if you enjoy working with your hands and want a jump start as an Aircraft Mechanic.


Learn how to become an Aircraft Electronics Technician in MIAT’s Avionics Program (CTE). The course will take the student through basic aviation maintenance courses, through an advance airframe electrical course, and will prepare the student to test for multiple certificates in electronics! This is an ideal program if you want a jump start into Aircraft Maintenance and have an interest in electrical or electronics.

How to Qualify

To see if you qualify: Complete the application linked below and turn the application into your counselor. Your counselor will determine if you have enough credits to participate in this course. Slots are limited. If you have any questions feel free to email me at tlittle@miat.edu.

Download the Application for your Counselor Here

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