What Does an NDT Technician Do?

Do you spend time taking apart equipment to see how it is made? Are you curious about how well components are designed and structured? If this sounds interesting to you, then becoming a non-destructive testing technician may be the right career path. NDT technicians can work in the manufacturing and technology industries. Some of those industries where non-destructive testing is used include aviation, defense, construction, automotive, aerospace, and energy to name a few. NDT technicians

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How Do You Become an NDT?

Interested in becoming a Non-Destructive Testing technician? With the increase in employment opportunities for consumer products, aircraft, transportation, and many energy-based providers, NDT technicians are in demand. Many different industries have NDT technicians assess and report on machinery and materials. These industries include aviation, defense, construction, energy and automotive. By earning your Non-Destructive Testing Technician diploma, you open the door to more competitive advantages upon graduation and throughout your career. If you have an interest

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What is a Non-Destructive Testing Technician?

Choosing your future career path can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there is more research material available to help you fully understand just what it takes to enter various fields before beginning your journey. One of the most preferential jobs in the market today is that of a non-destructive testing technician. With the help of trade school attendance, this career path is more attainable than ever. So, what exactly does a non-destructive testing technician

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