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Faculty and Staff of MIAT Houston Campus Focused on Helping Aviation Maintenance Students Complete FAA-Directed Course Requirements


By Titus Hubbard, Director of Education, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus

Working full-time or part-time while pursuing any certificate or degree program is extremely challenging.  Adding the realities of family commitments, financial responsibilities, home and vehicle maintenance, and all-important self-care to maintaining a clear focus on working and studying can be extremely stressful.  

Faculty and staff members of MIAT’s Houston campus understand exactly how difficult and overwhelming this can be for any student and even more so for students enrolled in FAA-directed aviation maintenance programs.  Our faculty and staff members have traveled this same path at various points in our life and career. That’s why we are so passionate about supporting all students in completing their stringent course requirements and graduating from MIAT.

I was asked recently by an aviation industry magazine editor if MIAT has a hard time attracting students to enroll in our aviation maintenance programs. Here is my candid response:

Attracting students is easier than retaining them for the duration of the  20- or 24-month program, given their current part-time or full-time work requirements and family commitments.  On average, about 40 percent of students who start their aviation maintenance programs with our Houston campus, graduate.  The strict time component set by the FAA can often discourage students who must make up time due to life circumstances that impact their studies.  

Ideally, students who enroll in MIAT’s aviation maintenance programs should have a long-range view and a serious commitment to completing their program.  Students who put in the effort and the hours to complete their program tend to have a mature mindset and a solid work ethic. This type of “star student” recognizes that he or she is pursuing a prestigious career with huge earning potential that will have a positive impact on him or her as well as all family members for many generations to come.


How Do You Become an NDT?

Interested in becoming a Non-Destructive Testing technician? With the increase in employment opportunities for consumer products, aircraft, transportation, and many energy-based providers, NDT technicians are in demand. Many different industries have NDT technicians assess and report on machinery and materials. These industries include aviation, defense, construction, energy and automotive. By earning your Non-Destructive Testing Technician diploma, you open the door to more competitive advantages upon graduation and throughout your career.

If you have an interest in technology, how things work, and helping employees work in a safe environment, working in NDT may be a good fit. A career as an NDT technician starts with an interest in technology and continues with attending a vocational school’s NDT technician program.


What is a Non-Destructive Testing Technician?

Choosing your future career path can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there is more research material available to help you fully understand just what it takes to enter various fields before beginning your journey. One of the most preferential jobs in the market today is that of a non-destructive testing technician. With the help of trade school attendance, this career path is more attainable than ever. So, what exactly does a non-destructive testing technician do, where do they work, and what skills and training are necessary to becoming one?


Ready for an Exciting 2020 – All Year Long!

By John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus

The Roaring 2020s are here, and we are ready for another exciting year! As we begin a new decade it is important to not only reflect on our accomplishments but also set our eyes upon the horizon and what we still need to achieve.  As educators, it is my belief that the choices we make on a daily basis not only impact our current students, but also future generations. Many of our students are first generation college students, and I know their success can be a source of inspiration for a sibling, a spouse or a child.  For 2020, I have challenged my staff with one simple goal – that is to “Be Generational.” I want them to embrace this concept and to remain humble regarding the positive influence that they can have on our students and future generations.  

Those who know me well also know that I am big on goal setting. Here are five key goals for our Houston campus  that I would like to share for 2020:  (more…)

Wrapping Up a Merry 2019 and Focusing on a Bright New 2020

By John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus President

What an amazing year 2019 has proven to be for our Houston campus! As this calendar year is wrapping up and attention now turns to what will certainly be a bright New Year, I am pausing with an “attitude of gratitude” for all the blessings that our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have been honored to have received.  Together, we have accomplished much in 2019. Together we will accomplish even more in 2020! Readers of this blog will be among the first to know about several major announcements that will be coming early in the New Year!

MIAT’s Houston campus expansion is one of the highlights of 2019.  We set a record for graduates at the Houston campus with 163 students  completing their course of study. These graduates and all of those who have graduated before them will make a positive impact on generations of family members for decades!

Our most recent  graduation ceremony on Friday, December 13, was the first ever held “off campus.”  Even with the significantly larger campus facility we now have, we needed additional space to accommodate  a memorable ceremony for our graduates, faculty, staff, family and friends. Fortunately, we found a venue that was perfect for the occasion!

More than 300 supporters packed Harvest Time Church in Houston only a few miles away from our Houston campus, and 60 graduates crossed the stage to accept their diplomas and certificates of completion.  We were also privileged to have Khambrel Marshall, KPRC TV meteorologist and host of the Houston Newsmakers public affairs show, as our commencement speaker. Khambrel is a treasure in the City of Houston. Not only does he have  a distinguished career in broadcast news, but he is also an enthusiastic community leader and volunteer who contributes his time and talent to many causes.  Khambrel offered words of encouragement to our graduates. He also openly shared some of the challenges and disappointments that he faced at various times in his life and how he addressed them. (more…)

Thankful. Grateful. Humbled. Honored.

By John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus President

With Thanksgiving Day fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to express how thankful, grateful, humbled and honored I am to have the privilege of serving as president of the MIAT College of Technology Houston campus.  I  am honored to have been chosen to lead a career college that is responsible for serving almost 500 day and night students who upon graduation will have a positive impact on many generations of family members.

I appreciate that 50 special guests braved the cold and rainy weather – which was made even more challenging because of heavy traffic conditions —  to join me and MIAT’s board of directors, faculty, staff and students recently for a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony and tour of our newly expanded facilities. Fortunately, our MIAT team was well-equipped to keep our guests save and dry with the help of a  greeters holding oversized golf umbrellas and a  chauffeured shuttle bus that transported them from overflow parking to our front door. (more…)

6 Skills Needed to be a Successful HVACR Technician

HVAC Technician

One of the fastest growing professions is that of a heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) technician. As more homes are built, businesses expand, and the population grows, the demand for heat and cooling is at an all-time high. With so many of these types of systems currently operational, there is a high demand for qualified individuals who can both conduct routine maintenance on these systems to ensure that they are running properly as well as troubleshoot any issues that may occur over time as older models begin to wear out. So, what are some of the skills and qualities necessary to becoming a successful HVACR technician? These skills include good customer service, problem solving skills, critical thinking capabilities, good communication, the ability to adapt, and technical documentation recognition.


A Few Good Reasons to Step Up for Girls and Women in October

By John Willis, MIAT College of Technology Houston Campus President

October is an exciting and action-packed month for me, faculty, staff, and students at our Houston campus. We are busy  moving into our expanded facility this month,  and when everything is all in place, I will be sharing photos for everyone to see. So, stay tuned!

Next and for a cause much bigger than any one of us, I am participating in the Real Men Wear Pink of Houston campaign to benefit the American Cancer Society.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as part of this campaign, I have agreed to wear pink every day. Not only will I be wearing pink daily (with much appreciated wardrobe support from my wife Traci), I will be posting and sharing photos and messages about my campaign every day. (more…)

How to Become an HVACR Technician

HVAC Technician

When businesses or homeowners need their heating system, cooling system or refrigerator fixed, they turn to an HVACR technician. HVACR technicians need to be prepared to tackle many different problems and must also to work with a variety of different people on a daily basis. As central heating and cooling systems become more popular, the demand for HVACR technicians continues to rise. So, what are some questions that must be answered and skills that someone must possess before becoming an HVACR technician?


How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Technician


There is a shortage of quality service technicians in a variety of sectors of industry. One of the biggest shortages is in the aviation industry where airlines and private companies are looking for qualified aircraft maintenance technicians. These technicians are in charge of general upkeep for both entire fleets of commercial airlines as well as for smaller personal aircrafts. These jobs are crucially important to the aviation industry as aircraft maintenance technicians are perhaps the single most responsible party for the safety of hundreds of thousands of passengers who choose to fly each year. They must be properly trained in a variety of skill sets to ensure they are ready to take on this responsibility. So, what steps can be taken, and skills acquired to become a top-notch aircraft maintenance technician?