Aviation Mechanics are Needed in this Time of Crisis

During times of crisis or the grounding of planes, many think that aviation mechanics would not be in demand. Actually, the opposite is true. As many airlines park planes, the aviation mechanic is still widely used to service the planes as they are grounded. Aviation mechanics are also needed to service all of the planes, helicopters and light aircraft that the government agencies, police, emergency rescue, military and private jet companies are still using amid this crisis. Aviation mechanics are still in high demand, even during this crisis.

Limited Passengers are Still Flying

The aviation mechanic is still in demand because many airplanes are flying with limited passengers, so they don’t need to be parked long term. Those planes still need routine maintenance. And for those parked planes, whether short-term or long-term, aviation mechanics must service them on the ground to make sure they are airworthy when they are taken out of temporary retirement.

How Much Maintenance is Needed for a Grounded Plane?

The amount and type of maintenance depends on how soon the airline is going to return the aircraft back into operation. An aircraft’s avionics, hydraulics and electronics must be regularly checked and tested. If the plane is to be stored for several months, aviation mechanics must drain or replace all liquids, seal doors and seal engines. Aircraft that are stored for a longer time must have additional maintenance, including running of the engines to recirculate oils. Long term storage may also mean that the grounded aircraft’s parts are used for other airworthy aircraft.

Many of the parked or grounded aircraft will be slowly introduced back into service once the crisis is over. However, consumer confidence in flying must be restored and governmental restrictions will need to be lifted for both domestic and international flights to resume. During this process, aviation mechanics will get planes ready for flight according to FAA specifications. An aviation mechanic is responsible for the airworthiness of the plane and to make sure they are safe for passengers to fly.

Helicopters, Private Jets and Light Aircraft

Once the crisis is over and many people return to regular flying behavior, aviation mechanics will need to prepare helicopters, private jets and other light aircraft for service once again. There may be a rush to get these aircraft ready for flight, so aviation mechanics must prepare for this eventuality.

Final Thoughts

Many of America’s planes and helicopters are still in service, even with the grounding of airplanes during this health crisis. Our nation’s police, military, first responders and private aircraft still need to fly, and aviation mechanics help to accomplish this every day. Becoming an aviation mechanic is a rewarding career, as each day brings a new challenge.

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