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Is Being an Aviation Mechanic Hard?

Aviation Mechanic Technicians Performing Jet Engine Repair
Aviation Maintenance Technicians Performing Jet Engine Repair

Aviation Maintenance Technicians are responsible for the safety of aircraft and the passengers in them. It’s important for aircraft mechanics to learn how to safely and accurately follow procedures so that they and others are safe. There is a great deal riding on the shoulders of today’s aviation mechanics.

In addition to knowing how all the pieces of the plane function, aircraft mechanics can be called out to change a tire in cold weather, or do repair work in hot climates. Sometimes the aviation mechanic job requires accessing parts that are challenging to reach. As with most careers, some days will be harder than others in time and effort.

So, is being an aircraft mechanic hard?

Really the job can vary from day to day. Aviation Maintenance Technicians are responsible for:

  • Diagnosing mechanical or electrical problems
  • Repairing wings, brakes, electrical systems, and other structural aircraft components
  • Replacing defective parts, using hand tools or power tools
  • Examining replacement aircraft parts for defects
  • Reading maintenance manuals to identify repair procedures
  • Testing aircraft parts with gauges and other diagnostic equipment
  • Performing precision measurement
  • Inspecting completed work to ensure that it meets performance standards
  • Keeping records of maintenance and repair work

Jet Turbine Engine RepairIf you enjoy using your hands and solving problems, then the day-to-day work of aircraft maintenance will probably sound exciting. AMTs (aviation maintenance technicians) are able to work in geographic locations across the globe and at times and schedules that vary greatly. The companies that hire Aviation Maintenance Technicians also differ in size and environment. They range from companies like Delta and Boeing, to smaller repair stations or even individual contractors.

If you want to learn more about becoming an aviation maintenance technician, sign up for a campus tour at MIAT College of Technology.

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