Aviation Maintenance Toolbox

Choosing Your First Toolbox as an Aviation Maintenance Technician

Deciding on the first aviation maintenance toolbox to purchase is an important decision. There are several different models out there that have both advantages and disadvantages. Some will cost more than others and some will be more portable than others. If a toolbox hasn’t already made it onto the list of necessary expenses, students should begin researching to find out what style will best suit them in their careers.

For “Stationary” Workers:

The Roller Toolbox

This classic toolbox has made a name for itself and isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Aside from having plenty of storage space, the roller toolbox has a flat top for workers to pile their stuff (tools, goggles, or really anything) on. They take up a little more space than most toolboxes, but they’re popular among aviation maintenance technicians for a reason – they’re incredibly functional.

The Combination Toolbox

While still a solid choice for many mechanics, the combo toolbox is a less popular carrier compared to the roller box. Maybe it’s because we, as people, like to have an easy place to leave our tools and other belongings. The combination toolbox doesn’t leave much room for storage. If you do decide on the combination box for your tools, make sure to purchase one of higher quality. Because of their tall, thin nature, one push over a large bump could topple it to the ground and spell disaster for your valuable tools. On the plus side – the combination toolbox is quite space-efficient.

For “Traveling” Workers:

The Pelican Toolbox

Made from hard plastic and usually resting on wheels with a handle (much like a suitcase), the pelican tool case can be a strong mobile solution for those who frequently have to work in different places. The hard plastic casing creates more durability than most other toolboxes have, so they’ll survive if you put them through the physical abuse of flying or rushing from site to site.

The Tool Bag

This bag is another top choice for traveling aircraft mechanics. With plenty of holding space and a study build, tool bags should get from place to place – even country to country – with relative ease. They may not hold nearly as many tools as your standard roller toolbox, but that’s the beauty of soft tool bags. Those who use them will have to carry these bags to each plant they visit, so easy mobility is essential.

Depending on work location and environment, one of these four options could be an aviation maintenance technician’s best choice. It won’t be a cheap purchase, but the use mechanics get out of the tool case will be worth every penny. For further information regarding toolbox options, contact an instructor in MIAT’s aviation programs.

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