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5 Benefits of Attending a Trade School

Working on Group Project

Are you looking for a rewarding education from a vocational school? Interested in aviation maintenance, energy technology, welding, or HVACR? With competitive job markets in almost every sector, there has never been a better time to attend a trade school. Trade schools offer students benefits that no other institution of higher learning can. To name just a few, here are some of the benefits of attending a trade school: shorter program lengths, skill-specific programs, devoted career services, personalized education, and rich networking opportunities.

Shorter Program Lengths

Most trade programs are focused on one specific topic, enabling students to master a trade in a much shorter period of time than they would at a traditional 4-year college. These shorter program lengths allow students to enjoy the benefits of a focused education without having to make long-term commitments.

Skill Specific Trade Programs

While traditional 4-year colleges focus on trying to make more “well-rounded” students, often offering elective courses unrelated to a student’s chosen field of study, trade schools prefer to focus on honing the skills necessary in producing experts within their respective fields of study. Schools focused on building trade skills represent a benefit to all students in attendance as learning is often supplemented with opportunities for real life applications.

Career Services

Trade schools have incredible career service centers dedicated to helping students with everything from career planning to securing job placement upon completion of a trade program. The career services team enables students to explore a variety of potential careers and choose an educational path that is right for them. Job placement programs work within trade schools, helping students who have successfully completed their programs locate full-time employment. One key benefit of going through a trade school system is being able to learn from teachers who possess first-hand knowledge of what skills employers are looking for. While jobs are not guaranteed upon completion of any educational program, the chances of landing a desirable job are greatly improved following graduation at a trade school.

More Personalized Education

Perhaps the single greatest benefit to attending a trade school is the ability for instructors to provide one-on-one education for students. The ratio of students to instructors is significantly lower at trade schools than what you would typically see at traditional 4-year colleges. A more personalized education allows students to ask more questions and receive more hands-on learning. This leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and prepares graduates for the real world. Many trade school students experience learning opportunities that most traditional college students will only encounter once they have graduated to a full-time career.

Building Relationships with Classmates

Trade schools offer hands-on training in both lab and classroom settings. This involves close training with classmates. Over just a short period of time, students are able to develop meaningful and lasting relationships and networks with professionals within a similar field of work.

Trade schools are the perfect balance of continuing education without a long-term commitment. They may not be for everyone, but with a careful and thoughtful analysis of the benefits of a vocational education you may just find that trade school is a fit for you.

If you’re mechanically or logistically inclined, enjoy working with your hands and are looking to attend a trade school with a future, MIAT College of Technology can help. MIAT students learn hands-on in our professional shop facilities, in programs developed directly with top employers to ensure graduates have exactly what they need to succeed.

MIAT College of Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).